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In my day job, I am an otolaryngologist (ear/nose/throat specialist) in the Denver area.  I take care of medical and surgical conditions of the ear, head, neck and upper airway. I am a member of a six physician practice and it has been a great career.

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I grew up in Queens, New York, not a place known for wildlife and mountain views.  I graduated from college at The University of Rochester, completed medical school at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University (New York), and did my specialty residency at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston).  I have practiced medicine in Colorado since 1986.

In my side career and obsession, I have enjoyed hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains and photographing the wildlife and scenery.

Over the years, my nature images have been displayed in the office and published on numerous occasions as cover art and filler photos in New England Journal of Medicine and Archives of Otolaryngology.  Others have been featured in the Denver Post and KUSA TV.

I have printed and displayed my photos in the office, and in response to popular demand, I have started this web site.

Enjoy and see if you like the images!

Alan Lipkin, M.D.

Alan Lipkin, M.D.

Stalking the not-so-elusive moose at Brainard Lake

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